Artist's Statement

Art is a way of sharing revelations, to see more of our world; a way to find meaning through the creative process. I have made art for as long as I can remember. Growing up in Buffalo, NY, the Albright-Knox Art Gallery and the extraordinary architecture of that city made an early, indelible impression on me. 

I strive to carry the spirit of playfulness and exploration I had as a child into my work. I want the viewing of my work to raise more questions than it answers. I want my work to inform and delight. 

There is mystery in creation and there is technique. I endeavor to ensure that the technical does not overshadow the sense of mystery and surprise that lives in the work. I try to stay open to possibility, open to multiple solutions to a problem, open to solutions as they present themselves to me in the moment, during the creative process. I like to be surprised and I want the viewer to be surprised as well. 

My sculpture is a compact view, an intimate presentation of a large gesture. I deliberately choose to work with simple, everyday materials and transform them into revelation. 

Earlier in my career I created large scale, site-specific installations that required assistants and sometimes heavy equipment to construct and install. That experience continues to inform my work and way of working today. 


Artist’s Biography

Brigid Kennedy has been exhibiting her sculpture and drawings nationally and internationally since the late 1970’s.  A native of Buffalo, NY, Ms. Kennedy moved to central Connecticut from New York City in 1989. 

She has lived and worked as a professional artist in South America, Europe and Canada, where she exhibited unique, site-specific sculptures. A fellowship to West Africa  supported her research into vernacular architecture. Her materials range from adobe and grout, to wood, steel and roofing shingles.

Ms. Kennedy has received numerous awards including an Individual Artist Fellowship Grant from the Greater Hartford Arts Council, a Fulbright Scholar Lecture Research Award to Chile, a State of Connecticut Commission on the Arts Artists Project Grant, a Pollock-Krasner Foundation Award, and National Endowment for the Arts Visual Artists Grants.  Her work is in numerous museums and private collections.


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